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Many societies believe that the pursuit of happiness is a fundamental human right. But it is also true that attainment of happiness remains elusive. Perhaps Bertrand Russell had it right when he said, “To be without some of the things you want is an indispensable part of happiness.”

What gives us more pleasure and satisfaction: the pursuit of our desires or the attainment of them? Plan your response, and then write an essay... 

As the saying said, “One should lead their lives without any regret.”

Definitely, the pursuit of dreams brings pleasure to one, as it allows one to live through his life without having any regret that he wants to accomplish in life. It injects a purpose into one’s life and thus makes his life meaningful. By responding to the uttermost desire, it is assured that one would be happily leading his life, as there is always a push in driving everyday through. It prevents one from having stagnant stages in life, as one is always motivated to achieve what he wants to achieve.

Although the outcome of this pursuit is not guaranteed, one can still gain happiness throughout the journey. The adversities faced, the challenges surmounted, the blunders made will all transmute one into a better person, with great virtues cultivated throughout the journey. Most importantly, one would not die with regrets, as he has toiled and tried his best in achieving what he wants. These are forms of pleasures and satisfaction that one would not be able to obtain, unless they went through the journey in pursuing their uttermost desires.

There are several prominent figures who balance the happiness and desire in a formidable manner – Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Oprah Winfrey etc. If one is to examine their lives, one would discover that their pursuit of desire is filled with great satisfaction and pleasures. From them, it is learnt that he key secret in maintaining both desire and happiness in one’s life is to have a clear purpose in life. As all of them are concerned about in achieving their goal, they are not blinded by greed in the pursuit. This prevents them from losing themselves, and thus makes them remarkable in maintaining both happiness and desire.

In a nutshell, it is obvious that pursuit of desire does not necessarily sacrifice one’s happiness or pleasure. One can pursue their dreams, but remain joyful throughout. The only rule of thumb will be the power of balance, in striving through the journey to attain the dreams as well as cherishing every single moment in life. This would allow one to be jovial and contented, yet be able to reach the goal that one yens for.   

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